*Available* Puppy Prodigy Pistachio!

Meet Pistachio, he is our newest Puppy Prodigy. He is an Australian Shepherd from Southern Soul Aussies and will be available to a forever home this fall when his training is complete. We spent lots of time with the breeder evaluating this litter to pick the puppy we thought would be best fit as an overall amazing companion dog and Pistachio fit that bill!

He has joined our trainer Jenna’s pack while he develops through the most critical stage in his life. He will be receiving our most extensive training until he is around the age of 7 months old, living with our trainer 24/7. At that time, he will be ready for his new home. We are raising him to be the confident, bold dog he is already proving to be with lots of potential. The new owners will get endless support from us during the transition and will assist in transferring the training over.

What is included:


  • Advanced potty training – Puppy will be able to hold it 8 hours day or night in crate
  • Advanced crate training – Puppy will sleep through the night in crate or relax during the day
  • Will know “kennel” command and will enter from a distance


  • Recall “here”
  • Sit/stay
  • Down/stay – extended under high distractions
  • Place – will hold for 30+ minutes
  • Touch
  • Heel
  • Watch
  • Let’s Go
  • Crate Up
  • Clear understanding of marker system – keen/clicker (terminal marker for food), good (duration marker for food), yes (terminal marker for toy from handler), get it (terminal marker for toy away)
  • Strong play development on ball retrieve, frisbee and tug work
  • “No” – lessens nipping, jumping, any unwanted behavior – utilize for correction
  • Off-leash obedience – will stay close to owner even when off-leash, e collar conditioning begins around 6 months of age
  • All behaviors proofed under high distractions and in a variety of environments
  • Water exposure
  • Guidance through puppy’s “fear period” – puppy will not make negative associations with potential fear factors
  • Guidance through puppy’s first teething period – puppy will learn what to chew on besides its owners!
  • Individual socialization time in public
  • Exclusive socialization excursions (clients homes, parks, pools, etc.)
  • Increased patience with other dogs, humans, etc.
  • Pack order mentality – assists puppy with knowing it’s place in its home and lessens dominant tendencies 

  • All vet care paid by KeenDog
  • Regular baths & nail trims
  • Start on tooth brushing
  • Regular fur trims around the puppy’s face, feet, and fanny
  • Up-to-date on vaccines – including distemper and rabies vaccines (records to transfer to owner at time of puppy’s arrival)

  • Health records
  • Health guarantee and contract 
  • E collar
  • Place board

NOTE: Puppy will have an adjustment period when it must learn it’s new environment & people

The price of Pistachio is $13,000. This includes training, price of the dog from breeder, food, vet bills, continued training with KeenDog, and all our training tools.

He is a sweet, laid-back guy who will love anybody. He will make a family very happy. Please reach out to keendog.jenna@gmail.com if you would like to inquire about him.

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