At KeenDog our life’s mission is to provide dog training programs that result in obedient and confident dogs that are eager, and enthusiastic to work with you – not for you. Using our unique KeenDog training method, our experienced and dedicated trainers will coach you how to have both on and off leash control of your dog in a way that results in a happy dog who looks to you for guidance no matter what environment you are in.

Our belief is that proper communication in a fun and consistent manner is the key to successful obedience training and behavior refinement. As you learn to communicate with your dog using the KeenDog Training System, you will begin to enhance your life with your dog, instead of your dog hindering it. Private one-on-one sessions, board and train, group classes and real world KeenDog activities are are aimed at building a bond with your dog who looks to you as their leader and best friend, gaining both love and respect from your dog. This innovative approach to dog training will ensure a lifetime of enjoyment for you both.

At KeenDog we use a wide variety of training methods and tools that benefit the dog, as we do not want dogs to be reliant on one training system (think if we only use treats, once that treat goes away so does your dog’s listening skills). We use marker training, lure training, body motion, play, leash training and e collars in our training program. All behaviors are taught in private and then you and your dog advance to our group classes to continue your skills in real world environments.

The KeenDog lifestyle is meant to be one of enjoyment for both you and your dog! We don’t believe that training should stop after you solidify the fundamentals, thus why we offer many group classes that are held throughout the Greater Charlotte area! Training with your dog should be a fun activity for you to do together as a cohesive team.


  • Ability to walk your dog on and off-leash with other dogs and people around
  • Consistently and confidently call your dog back to you no matter what environment they are in
  • Place command – ability to send your dog to a specific boundary and stay there until released; extended staying ability up to 30+ minutes
  • Calm indoor behaviors
  • Automatic side sits when you stop on your walks
  • Focus on you, the handler, through severe distractions
  • Confidence building for skittish, nervous and aggressive dogs
  • Eliminating unwanted behaviors such as jumping, nipping, chewing, destructive behaviors, soiling in the house and excessive barking


NAME RECOGNITION – look to you for direction when name is given

HERE – recall to handler

SIT – sit and remain in position until released, automatic sits at heel position

DOWN – down and remain in position until released

PLACE – go to a specific boundary and remain within boundary until released (bed, crate, car, etc., extended staying ability 30+ min)

TOUCH – two paws on object, typically a rubber feed bowl

HEEL – walk on left side, nose to knee, automatic sit when handler stops walking

SWITCH – switch from left side to right when heeling

LETS GO – follow along, less structured loose leash walk

WATCH – make eye contact with handler

OUT – drop a toy

KEEN/CLICK – terminal marker / release word for food reward direct from handler; builds drive, enthusiasm and engagement 

GET IT – terminal marker / release word for toy reward or food reward delivered indirectly by handler (tossed out)

FREE – terminal marker / release word with no reward (freedom is the reward)

GOOD – duration marker; let’s your dog know you like what they are doing and to keep doing that behavior

UH-UH – lets your dog know that they are on the wrong track

NO – stop unwanted behaviors