To All The Dog Moms: Happy Mother’s Day!

A little Google search comes back with these definitions for a moth·er:

  • to care for or protect (someone) like a mother.
  • a female parent
  • a woman in authority
  • maternal tenderness or affection

Now I, as a professional dog trainer and dog mom to 4 of my own fluffies, believe I fit the above mentioned definition.

To all the dog moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day. I know that this holiday has been reserved for women who have children only, but I’d like to change that. I know that we often get “a dog is not a child,” or “you don’t understand a child is so much different, it’s harder and it’s a different kind of love,” but I really would like to challenge these statements. As well as ask why as women do we always feel the need to compete? Don’t both women, a mother to a child and a mother to a dog, love their little being to the fullest. Care for them, feed them, love them, protect them, discipline them, teach them, sacrifice for them and challenge them. In my eyes, this constitutes as being a mother.

I obviously know dogs are a different species than us, and no we do not give birth to dogs, but let me ask you this – is a woman who adopted her children because she can’t give birth or doesn’t feel the need to since there are so many children on Earth in need of loving homes already, any less of a mother who gave birth to their child? I certainly don’t think so.

Let me get real for a minute, if you are a dog mom and you treat your dog like a child and don’t put the time into training your dog in a way in which they understand, then you are not doing a good service for your dog. We all are friends with or know that one dog owner that takes it too far, constantly dressing up their furkid, never creating any boundaries (dog on sofa without being invited up, being held when it demands attention from its mom, has no manners…) and is commonly referred to as “the prince or princess.” The women who do this need to stop. Create boundaries and train your dog. Love your dog with all your heart, but don’t over coddle and under-educate your furkid.

Just like children go to school, you should also enroll your dog in obedience training. This will ensure that your sidekick is well mannered no matter where you go. An untrained dog, just like an uneducated or overly protected child, will have issues working in society. If you want to be a responsible dog mom, train your dog right from the start.

So if you are a dog mom who loves your pup with all your heart, cares for its health to the fullest (many dogs we know eat better than humans, now that’s looking after your dog’s well being!), takes the time to educate their dog properly, challenges them in various ways, disciplines them when warranted, and would protect your dog with that mom strength we all know of – then I urge you to be a proud dog mom on Mother’s Day.

So if you are a dog mom, Happy Mother’s Day! Feel free to share this blog and post a picture with your dog so that everyone knows that you are a mother to a four-legged kind of kid.

-Katrina Kensington, Dog Mom, Co-Owner and Head Trainer KeenDog