Down. Stay. IPA.

Who doesn’t love when their favorite brewery releases a new batch of beer? We are excited to announce that KeenDog has partnered with Wooden Robot Brewery to release an IPA that will make you want to stick around for a couple of brews. Down. Stay. IPA will be available from October 4th – October 29th and will end with a fun Halloween costume contest celebration on that Sunday. What makes Wooden Robot’s latest release even better is that $1 from all Down. Stay. IPA beers sold will go to Leashes of Valor to assist them with raising and training service dogs for veterans suffering from PTSD.

I had the privilege of meeting Matt, one of the founders of Leashes of Valor, while at This Able Veteran this Summer when I went to challenge myself and learn other dog training techniques, most specifically for PTSD service dog training. The whole KeenDog team stands behind what this wonderful organization is doing and I look to Matt and his partners as mentors in this new venture of our future service dog training programs.

Leashes of Valor was formed by Danique Masingill, Captain Haag and Matt Masingill, all of whom are disabled Warriors with service dogs who have served this nation both in uniform and at home. They know first-hand about the challenges associated with the transition to civilian life. At Leashes of Valor their mission is to ensure that every Warrior receive a top quality trained service dog to assist them.

Training a PTSD service dog is typically an 18 month training process. Upon completion of the training Leashes of Valor offers a succinct 16 day, intense, in-house service dog program, specifically developed to achieve the vital training and bonding necessary to make our Warriors successful. Through industry experience, Leashes of Valor knows that many warriors struggle to transition to civilian life, but through their condensed program they will give access to a service dog program that will be truly life changing. These service dogs are provided at No Cost to the Warrior.

Training dogs takes a lot of patience, consistency and love from their trainers. To welcome a dog into a year and a half long training program that you know will be homed to help a veteran in need is not only admirable but also selfless. I know first hand that training dogs for extended periods of time can make letting that dog go to another human hard. We build bonds with these dogs, but knowing that you’re assisting with the healing process for a veteran makes all the training sessions worth it.

leashes of valor

Myself and the rest of the KeenDog team members will be at Wooden Robot on Wednesday evenings throughout the month of October to have some Down. Stay. IPA ourselves and answer any dog training questions you may have! So I welcome you to join us for a drink and bring your furry sidekick to help provide vets with well trained service dogs! Make sure to #downstayipa #beerforvets!

– Katrina Kensington, KeenDog Co-Owner