1. NoDa Brewing Company - NoDa

2. The Lights Cafe

3. Grapevine - Riverwalk

4. Burr & Berry Coffee - Indian Land

5. Wooden Robot Brewery - South End

6. Marvin Efird Park

7. The Southern Nest

8. Gear Goat Xchg

9. Dog Supplies Warehouse - Huntersville

10. Pet Wants: The Urban Feed Store - South End

11. Choose Your Own Adventure - Pumpkin Patch

Show off your pumpkin’s place work at the pumpkin patch - they could place on a large pumpkin, the wheelbarrow you load your pumpkins up, a hay bale… the sky is the limit. Don't forget to tag @keendogtraining.

12. Choose Your Own Adventure - Mural

Choose your favorite local mural, get dressed up in your Halloween costume, and take a family picture. Make sure to tag @keendogtraining.

13. Choose Your Own Adventure - Favorite Dog Spot -
Pick YOUR favorite dog spot, let us know why it's your favorite, post however you like to promote them, and tag their business as well as @keendogtraining.