Working Dogs Vs Companion Dogs: What’s The Difference?

I’ll be the first to admit, I was clueless about dogs growing up. I knew that I loved animals, but I never had the privilege of owning my own dog, so any knowledge I acquired came later in life.  Even still, after owning my first dog, all I ever wanted was a companion to pal … Continued

Coach Life

Coaching others on a regular basis is both challenging and rewarding. It can also be frustrating. The former should always outweigh the latter, otherwise you aren’t going to enjoy the process. You do have to understand that when you decide to become a coach, it will entail all three.  I’m a dog trainer, coach and … Continued

We Train For You

Myself, Katrina and Rachel all had the amazing opportunity to attend a 5 day E-Collar Seminar at K9 Connection with one of the best dog trainers available, Tyler Muto. Our mission at KeenDog is to provide our clients and their dogs with the best resources and information as possible. Continued education is the best thing … Continued

Mission In A Bottle

KEENDOG TRAINING PARTNERS WITH MISSION K9 TO LAUNCH ‘MISSION IN A BOTTLE’ CAMPAIGN Sales to Support the Rescue and Rehabilitation of Retired Service Animals Today we announce a partnership with Mission K9 to raise funding in support of rescuing former service dogs through our ‘Mission in a Bottle’ campaign! KeenDog and Mission K9, an organization … Continued

The 3 Words Your Dog Should Know

When getting a new dog there are a slew of articles, training tips, books and so forth that can surely make your head spin. To a new dog owner it can be a little overwhelming. Over time consistency is always the most important aspect when training a dog, but if you are looking to get … Continued

3 Tips for Traveling with Dog

Traveling with dogs can be a seemingly daunting task.  Recently, I had the pleasure of taking my KeenDog Puppy Prodigy, Ava, to Buffalo with me to see my family. I was a bit nervous about how she would do in the car for the 12 hour ride each way, how she would do meeting my … Continued

3 Tips to Fight Against Training Frustration

How many times have you been to a lesson or a group class and come away from it feeling a bit beaten up?  Your pup may not have been listening, which caused you to get frustrated, they started listening less, and the viscous cycle continued?  To top things off, when a trainer jumps in your … Continued

Dog Training 101: Elevator Manners

How many of you live in a place where the elevator is a daily part of your dog’s training? There are several different perspectives to examine when considering how to make these rides more enjoyable for everyone: the average person riding the elevator, the dog owners with their dogs, and the people who are about to get on the elevator. If you are an … Continued

KeenDog at the Rescue Me 5k

KeenDog had the amazing opportunity to be a part of this year’s Rescue Me 5k located at McApline Creek Park in Charlotte. This was the third year in a row that the American Pit Bull Foundation has put on this race and it was a major success! The race benefited the American Pit Bull Foundation’s … Continued

Pizza Fur A Paws

  About two months ago I received an email from a client from years ago, it was refreshing to not only hear from her and check in on her dog Sticky, but to also be invited to be involved in their Pizza Fur A Paws event. Jennifer welcomed KeenDog to be the dog trainer there, … Continued