NOT Your Average Dog’s Purpose

What is a dog’s purpose?

Charlotte Dog Trainer Ashley Rodriquez and Alces


This is a question I had never really put much thought to until I saw the movie “A Dog’s Purpose”. I know that my personal dog Alces has a not your average dog purpose after thinking on this simple idea. He is one of my favorite companions, my partner in crime and an asset to my career all wrapped into one.

One of Alces’ purposes is to be my business partner. He has helped train me to be a better Charlotte dog trainer. Every dog is different and by working with him, I have developed new techniques to make aspects of training easier for other dogs to understand. Not only is he my guinea pig while I’m working with others, he is also my “Demo Dog”. If I am at a free, in-home consultation, Alces shines in his 30 second promo to show clients the potential their dog has with proper training. We are a great pair, which makes it truly enjoyable going out to showcase our obedience and tricks to future customers. He is a living, breathing advertisement that leads us to the opportunity to work with more dogs.

Beyond his training, Alces brings order to the house in a way that I can’t. He is the sergeant and shows visiting dogs what is expected in my house. When I bring a new dog or puppy home he sometimes shares a crate with the new arrival or is crated next to an older pup to keep them company. When the dogs are outside, he keeps everyone in line and makes sure that others don’t get out of hand. If one of them starts bullying, he will use his authority to correct them in an appropriate manner. He also builds confidence for those that aren’t very social or just lack confidence in general. He matches all of the temperaments of the dogs that I work with; it’s incredible how he can persuade them in a way that I can’t. His purpose in my career as a Charlotte dog trainer is beyond what I could imagine and I am truly grateful for that.

“There was, though, a difference between obeying commands and having a purpose, a reason for being”.
– A Dog’s Purpose

I am an introverted person and social scenes can really drain my energy. One of my favorite things about Alces is that I can bring him almost anywhere and he comforts me in social situations. Having him by my side alleviates my anxiety and helps me to feel more comfortable interacting with other people. He serves as an icebreaker and gives me something to talk about. Having a bond as close as ours, I can send him cues and we can instantly become a crowd pleasing team. When I allow others to work with Alces, they get the same affect…building their confidence and bringing a smile to their face. In the event I have to walk to my car alone, I feel secure knowing he has my back and will be there to keep me out of danger. 

My dog has so many purposes; I don’t know what I would do without him. He has changed my life in many ways and has given me a career as a Charlotte dog trainer that I am truly blessed to have, doing something I love. I don’t think I could ask anymore from my pup, Alces.

“The job of a good dog was ultimately to be by their sides no matter what course their lives may take.”
–A Dog’s Purpose


So my question to you now – what is YOUR dog’s purpose?

– Ashley Rodriquez, KeenDog Trainer