Not Your Average Launch Party

$1421. That was the number we raised at our launch party for Operation Sidekick and Sustain Charlotte at Three Spirits Brewery. It was our mission when we started KeenDog Training to stand for something more than just dog training. There are many dog trainers in Charlotte, we separate ourselves by believing in being contributors to our community through making dogs better by laying a strong training foundation and customizing our training to fit the lifestyle every person uniquely possesses. As well as being further involved in the Charlotte community through giving back our time, expertise knowledge and resources to continue to grow the Queen City. Thus why KeenDog core’s values are: Clients, Community and Culture.

Charlotte Dog Training: JubileeClients:
Whatever your life is we are dedicated to each client to exceed their expectations and fulfill their wants and needs. We believe that every client has unique desires and aspirations for the life they want to lead with their dog. We do not believe in a one stop shop approach to dog training, we believe in using a variety of methods to ensure proven results and have flexibility with various breeds, temperaments, pasts and family dynamics. After a foundation has been laid with owner and dog, we begin to dive deeper into where they want to take their training. Are you active and want your dog to be your training partner? We can hold private sessions at a greenway where we will run with you and your dog. Or at a lake and do a swimming session. Are you a family who heads over to the kid’s games every weekend? We will go to one of the games with you to show you how to keep your dog calm during all the excitement. Are you an adventure seeker and want to travel with your dog? We will practice your training in various parks and environments to ensure they understand what is expected wherever you go. Every client has a story and we pride ourselves with fine tuning a training program to fit their needs.


We want to be contributors not just consumers. Its important to add value to your community. After traveling the West Coast on our honeymoon (see video HERE) our love for Charlotte has only grown fonder. There is a lot of uncertainty, anger and selfishness in our societies right now but that only allows us to harness our desire make the world a better place. At KeenDog we aim to connect with local organizations that positively impact our communities and work together for a common goal. By also having more well trained dogs in Charlotte, it will impact our community as a whole as more enjoyable experiences will happen on a day to day basis with your dog and others. No one enjoys a yappy, high-strung dog while you’re trying to enjoy a beer at a local brewery such as Wooden Robot. The more calm, well-mannered dogs we have in this growing city, the more enjoyment for everyone. Charlotte is becoming quite dog-friendly and we want to ensure that our ability to have dogs in many establishments is a bonding experience for owner and dog (and others), not a headache.

Charlotte Dog Training: KeenDog Lifestyle
Charlotte Dog Training: KeenDog Lifestyle

Visions can only thrive in an environment of unity and there is no better way than to unify this city than to include other businesses with like-minded goals and foster new relationships within the Charlotte community. It was important to center our Launch Party around the community and to demonstrate to our clients both old and new, that our years of experience in dog and human training is going to be brought to a new level by also incorporating our core life value of impacting this world for the better in a variety of ways.The dog community is a growing industry and can be a bit hostile. There are many ways in which a dog owner can feel overwhelmed with varying information of do’s and dont’s. It is with our goal that we continue to be innovative within the dog industry, constantly improving our craft while fostering relationships with other professionals within the dog world that are of benefit to our clients.

Not only were we able to express our gratitude and goals of KeenDog at our launch party, we were honored to share the evening with a few of our favorite local business leaders.

Queen City Paw TribeThe Queen City Paw Tribe was formed with the goal to give the consumer a peace of mind when it came to the health, happiness and needs of their dog. When you are a dog owner there are a few professionals that should be high on your trust list and constantly exceed your expectations. I mean they are the ones that are handling one of the most important things in your life – your dog. With today’s fast-paced society sometimes it can be hard to properly exercise your dog to ensure their physical needs are being met. The health of your dog is of top most importance to ensure they live a long and well balanced life with you. Keeping your pet clean and looking good is a necessity when we bring our dogs out and about with us and have them snuggle in bed. And of course it is imperative to train your dog, laying a foundation from the get go and also knowing it is never too late to curb unwanted behaviors and teaching new ones if you were a little late to the game. That is why we have partnered with a few local companies to ensure all these needs are being met and let us introduce you to The Queen City Paw Tribe.

The Waggle Company: is revolutionizing in-home pet care through a top notch team and cutting-edge technology. TWC provides you and your pet with an unparalleled level of convenience, accountability, and care. With same day scheduling, GPS tracking on all walks, and pet photos for every visit, you’ll never feel guilty for leaving your pet at home again. Waggle sitters are sure to exceed your dog’s physical needs and will continue any training your dog has learned with KeenDog. Consistency is important, so having a dog walker on the same page as you and your trainer is a win-win. The Waggle Company brings you piece of mind, every time.

VetWeRx: VetweRx is a new urban veterinary hospital for companion animals and exotics located in Charlotte, NC. Their hospital is run by Jen Larson and staffed with the best-in-class doctors, and is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment.

The Dog Salon: The Dog Salon is Charlotte’s BEST grooming salon located in the heart of Plaza Midwood. They have the top groomers in Charlotte specializing in all breed, custom cuts & creative color! They also offer self dog wash for you to bring your dog in on your own as well as a mobile groomer for them to come to you. Owner Jessica Law specializes in fantastic customer experiences for dog and owner.

KeenDog is of course there for all your dog training needs. We offer a variety of packages to fit your lifestyle: one on one coaching, immersion training, puppy training, boarding and group classes throughout the Greater Charlotte Area.

Not only were we able to raise $1421 for Operation Sidekick and Sustain Charlotte, it was an honor to have both organizations be a part of our event and exposed to more people in the community.

Operation SidekickOperation Sidekick: Over 22 veterans a day are lost to suicide, which is now the leading cause of death in the military, surpassing war. Over 3,000 Pit Bulls are killed every day. APBF is the first organization to bridge the gap and exclusively train rescued pit bulls as service dogs to help our veterans overcome the daily struggle of PTSD and depression.

Sustain Charlotte: Sustain Charlotte is a community-based nonprofit organization dedicated to educating, engaging and uniting citizens to solve Charlotte’s sustainability challenges. We inspire choices that lead to a healthier and more vibrant community for generations to come.

No launch party would be complete without some tasty food and beverages, we had that down between Three Spirits Brewery, Papi Queso and Move That Dough Baking Co.

Three Spirits BreweryThree Spirits Brewery: TSB is not located in the plethora of the brewery scene Charlotte continues to grow, but that shouldn’t stop you from going there. Tucked away off of Old Pineville Rd awaits a casual brewery with open space, games to play, a welcoming staff and great beer to drink. Owner Tabu welcomed us to have full run of their space, allowing our creative juices to flow. Coordinating manager Debbie headed the bar with some of their staff to ensure no one went thirsty. Debbie’s positive personality is contagious and she was a pleasure to work with before and during our evening of fun.

Papi Queso: It can easily be stated that Papi Queso is one of Charlotte’s most beloved food trucks. Their professionalism, efficiency and perfection of the grilled cheese is a business set up for success. All night we heard raving reviews of their sandwiches, some even bringing a second one home with them!

Move That Dough baking CoMove That Dough Baking Co: Owner Kacie Smagacz is a true gift to Charlotte. Not only is she beyond talented at baking, she bakes with a purpose and a passion to make a difference with every bite you enjoy. Her goal is to use REAL FOOD to engage the community of Charlotte, by partnering with area nonprofits, organizations, companies, and individuals who seek to see Charlotte THRIVE, and to do so ethically. Kacie day in and day out continues to do good and demand greatness of herself and looks to attract others to do so as well. All of the donuts, cakes and now ice-cream are plant-based which helps make bodies healthy. MTDBC gives a portion of sales to Community Charter School of the Arts in Cherry neighborhood to help the art and music departments! As well as a portion of their sales going to empower young female musicians in Charlotte by donating to scholarships and funding for Girls Rock Charlotte. This means not one purchase will be made without it giving back directly to the growing minds of some really cool kids here in Charlotte. We told you she was a gift to Charlotte.

Lastly no launch party would have been complete without pictures! Luckily we had Susan Kranz of Transforming Photography travel to Charlotte to support our new business venture while capturing images and highlights from the night.
As we prepare to celebrate the holiday season and enter into the New Year we are certain to see a plethora of new puppies and dogs coming into the Charlotte scene. It is our mission to educate people on being proactive with your approach to adding a dog to your family. Most dogs wind up in shelters for behavioral issues. The thing to remember is with a strong foundation, consistency and enjoying the life you lead with your dog this can be avoided. Plus you and your dog can have a fulfilled life from the start! Educating yourself can save many dogs lives all around the world. A dog or cat is put down every 13 seconds as of 2016. This is alarming to hear, but with proper training and education we can put a dent in this. For now lets continue to live life and do what we can and of course have some beers at Three Spirits Brewery.


– The KeenDog Team


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