Pizza Fur A Paws


About two months ago I received an email from a client from years ago, it was refreshing to not only hear from her and check in on her dog Sticky, but to also be invited to be involved in their Pizza Fur A Paws event. Jennifer welcomed KeenDog to be the dog trainer there, answering any dog training questions people may have, to do a demo with our dogs to showcase our training program and to develop the relationship with the Greater Charlotte SPCA.

Saturday was a bit overcast so setup was a bit different than they had planned, but this didn’t change anything about the great event. Inizio pizza was such a gracious host, everyone that worked there was delightful and the pizza was some of the best we’ve had in Charlotte. In addition to accepting donations throughout the day, Inizio also donated $5 from every pizza sold that day to Greater Charlotte SPCA. A total of $2000 was raised from the event! That is a big help to many animals they help daily.

I brought Daisy, a 6 month yellow Labrador, to her first event. Daisy is a special girl, we have trained her since she was a pup and although her original family didn’t work out, she is still a fantastic dog who rocked the event and showed what a 6 month old pup is capable of. She was a perfect lady, holding extended down/stays with a ton of distractions, heeling beautifully off leash, learned how to clear some big jumps, did her hug trick for the crowd and soaked up the attention from adults and kids.

StoryLight Studio

Ashley brought our event star Alces, he is such a fun show. The two of them have bonded so much over the last 2 1/2 years and it is a delight seeing them perform. Alces’ quirk is he can be a bit bark-ey when excited, but held his composure quite well in a smaller space. About a week ago he hurt his paw pads from jumping, so he was styling with some boots. He wowed the crowd and had a blast while doing so.

Pet Wants Charlotte was there (I swear these guys are everywhere, no matter the event we attend they always have a booth. Their hustle and hard work is strong.) selling their yummy dog snacks and chews, StoryLight Photography, Three Spoiled Dogs, All Dogged Up and a few adorable rescue pups available through the Greater Charlotte SPCA. There was also face painting for the kids.

There were a few applications turned in for some dogs that were at the event as well, so all in all I’d say it was a fun and meaningful afternoon. Thank you to the Greater Charlotte SPCA and Inizio Pizza for putting this on.

– Katrina Kensington, KeenDog Co-Owner