The Whole Enchilada





Five in-home puppy lessons plus three week intensive immersive board and train when your dog reaches 6 months of age.

Monday morning drop offs from 8am – 11am at our location, your dog will stay with us for the week learning our system and go home to you on the weekends, with lessons on Fridays.

During the weekend you are responsible for practicing what your dog has learned throughout the week so we can continue to build upon their strengths as well as work on their weaknesses the following week.

You will receive daily updates of your pup’s progress throughout the program.

Two additional follow up appointments upon completion of program.

Access to group classes and KD content for one year. Access to private KeenDog boarding for lifetime of dog.

E collar, prong collar, and place collar included.

Training Coverage

  • Marker training
  • On & off leash obedience
  • Loose leash walking
  • Correction command for stopping unwanted behaviors: NO
  • Building engagement with handler
  • Polite manners
  • Proper socialization
  • Environmental exposure and confidence building

Commands & Markers

  • NAME RECOGNITION – look to you for direction when name is given
  • HERE – recall to handler
  • SIT – sit and remain in position until released, automatic sits in heel position
  • DOWN – down and remain in position until released
  • PLACE – go to a specific boundary and remain within boundary until released (bed, crate, car, etc.; extended staying ability 30+ min)
  • TOUCH – two paws on object, typically a rubber feed bowl
  • HEEL – walk on left side, nose to knee, automatic sit when handler stops walking
  • SWITCH – switch from left side to right when heeling
  • LETS GO – follow along, less structured loose leash  walk
  • WATCH – make eye contact with handler
  • OUT – drop a toy
  • KENNEL – enter crate when asked and wait patiently to be released
  • KEEN/CLICK – terminal marker / release word for food reward direct from handler; builds drive, enthusiasm and engagement
  • GET IT – terminal marker / release word for toy reward or food reward delivered indirectly by handler (tossed out)
  • FREE – terminal marker / release word with no reward (freedom is the reward)
  • GOOD – duration marker; let’s your dog know you like what they are doing and to keep doing that behavior
  • UH-UH – lets your dog know that they are on the wrong track
  • NO – stop unwanted behaviors