Life is short, so I say go out and live it, and do it with a dog (or a few) by your side. 

Katrina Kensington

Owner / Head Trainer

Hey there, I’m Katrina Kensington and I love training dogs and the humans who own them. Training dogs isn’t just about teaching them to sit, place and come when called, to me it is so much more. It is about developing a relationship that will be valued and enjoyed life long with your furry friend. It is about being a leader, a coach, an advocate and a bestie for your dog. I want to teach you how to develop and work on all of these rotating roles.

Apart from training dogs I’m a travel and foodie enthusiast, vegan, nature lover, who loves to dance when a beat hits my soul alongside my hubby Phill. I grew up on family game nights so I’m always down for a good board game accompanied by a glass of Pinot Noir.


  • E Collar Training Certified with Tyler Muto
  • NePoPo Seminar with Pat Stuart
  • Mike Suttle Course on Marker Training, Detection and Bite Development
  • NePoPo Seminar with Tobias Oleynik 
  • Puppy Training & E Collar Training with Nino Drowaert
  • PTSD Service Dog Training Certified through This Able Veteran
  • IACP Member
  • JASD PSA Club Member


  • Mike Suttle Course on Marker Training, Detection and Bite Development
  • JASD PSA Club Member

Phill Kensington

Co-Owner / Head Trainer

As a lifelong lover of dogs, Phillip transformed the hobby into a profession five years ago after being introduced to canine training by KeenDog Training co-owner, Katrina. Together, he and Katrina integrate the latest techniques, humane practices and a balanced approach to their training. Their approach is based upon a unique marker system that reduces frustration and confusion between dog and handler. Phillip has handled the training of more than 1,000 dogs in the Charlotte, N.C. area and across the United States. As an avid reader and lifetime learner, he continually improves KeenDog Training’s offerings and technique through education – as well as a little trial and error on his personal dogs. It’s Phillip’s mission to help facilitate harmony between handler and dog. Phillip sees his training as a lifestyle for both dog and owner where they are eager to set an example for the canine-human bond through growth, learning and enjoying life in tandem. Phillip believes dogs deserve the best possible training as they do so much to enrich our lives.  Prior to co-founding KeenDog Training, Phillip was perfecting his leadership and teaching techniques through his work with people. As a third-degree black belt, his martial arts studies led him to teaching, where he coached hundreds of students of all ages. 

Rachel Williams


Hey, hey! Rachel Williams here, and let me just say…if you’re looking for a team of amazing individuals that all share the same fiery passion for training dogs, then look no further. I’m more proud to be a member of the KeenDog team than ever before. I started my training journey when I worked for a franchise dog daycare and boarding facility back in 2015. I loved spending my days surrounded by dogs, but I wanted to do more. I completed 2 certification courses and began taking on clients, only to realize that I was in over my head. Lots of behavior issues came through the door that I was not equipped to handle. I decided to look elsewhere and came across KeenDog. I interned for about 2 months and quickly fell in love with the message and lifestyle that we continue to spread to dog owners all over the greater Charlotte area, and even across the US. 


  • Formerly certified through Behavior Buddies
  • Formerly certified through CCPDT
  • Collar training certified with Tyler Muto
  • Attended the Measurable Standards Tour by Linda Kaim
  • Member of IACP
  • JASD PSA Club Member

One thing I’ve learned in this industry, is that having an open mind to training methods, ideas and techniques is key. Training isn’t one size fits all. Fast forward a bit, Katrina and I discovered the crazy world of working dogs and fell in love with that also. I have a house full of German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois and truly can’t imagine living any other way. Oh yeah, can’t forget my two cats! They are great assistants when it comes to distractions and impulse control. When I’m not training my lovely clients on how to be a better handler, you can find me hiking with my dogs, training with JASD PSA club, or hanging with my training family. 

Jenna Rabel


Jenna started interning with us in June 2020 after being a client of KeenDog’s for a little over two years. She started the training as she was a first-time dog owner and wanted to set her dog, Cash, up for success. Throughout her training journey with him, dog training became a fun hobby of hers and she wanted to learn and do more with it. Two years later, she took the leap of faith and quit her day job at a law firm and joined the team to make this hobby something more. She says, “The community and team that KeenDog is comprised of has always been one of my favorite things and I wanted to be a part of that and help more people become a part of this awesome, growing community.” Jenna loves being able to have the KeenDog Lifestyle with her partner-in-crime and wants every other dog owner to be able to have that same lifestyle. Because who doesn’t want to enjoy life with their dog, right? Cash is her A1 and her only dog currently, however she will be adding to the crew very soon.

Alison Grubb


It is hard for Alison to remember a time when she did not actively seek out the companionship of dogs. It is not surprising that this passion developed into her career. However, before she began to get serious about dog training, Alison took a detour and attended college, where she obtained a BA in Literature and a Minor in Psychology with the mindset that she would go on to be a college professor herself. This education and experience have proven invaluable in Alison’s ability to understand how and why dogs (and people) learn and, by extension, how to teach them.

Alison has been training dogs in the professional arena for over 10 years, and she has a wide bandwidth of experience that this time has afforded her. This experience encompasses pet dog obedience, behavioral modification, detection, tracking, and competition sports such as PSA. In those years, Alison has also coached the owners of these dogs, as well as the Police and Military K9 Handlers, to whom these dogs were assigned.

Alison is a member of the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals), a Certified Master Trainer through Tarheel K9, and a graduate of Bart Bellon’s NePoPo® Silver and Gold Schools. Additionally, she consistently seeks to better herself as a trainer and has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, something that is reflected in her dedication to attending training seminars and schools that feature amazing trainers from all around the world.