Having or showing eagerness or enthusiasm; excellent; highly developed; intense, sharp or focused.

Wants a KeenDog

Live life optimally with your dog; a modern, balanced training approach from puppyhood to adult both on and off the leash.

At KeenDog our life's mission is to provide dog training programs that result in obedient and confident dogs. Eager and enthusiastic to work with you - not for you. Using our unique KeenDog training method, our experienced and dedicated trainers will coach you on how to provide clear and fair communication to your dog and how to strengthen the relationship you share with your dog through play development. You will gain both on and off leash reliability with your dog in a way that results in a happy dog who looks to you for guidance no matter what environment you are in. We believe that training with your dog should be a fun activity for you to do together as a cohesive team and that continued success comes from having clarity from both ends of the leash, a strong support system from your coaches, and a growing community that supports one another.

One On One Training

You and me, let's do this!

Immersion Programs

Sign me up! My dog is ready for bootcamp.

Videos on Demand

Put on your comfy pants on and let’s binge. Coming in 2023.

Virtual Training

I’ve got a computer and ready to roll!

Group Classes

Other crazy dog people like me, tell me more.



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