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10 weeks of KeenCamp for 10 weeks and older.

From 6-10 weeks of age KeenDog trainers work hand in hand with the breeder after the top puppy pick has been chosen to fit your lifestyle and family’s needs. Fundamental training on obedience, socialization, desensitization, confidence building and name recognition is done at the breeders until 10 weeks of age. From 10-20 weeks of age your puppy lives with one or two KeenDog trainers in their homes as a member of our pack. Our puppies have had extensive house breaking, crate training, socialization in a wide variety of environments and with different dogs and people, obedience trained both on leash and with e-collar, have calm overall demeanors and are just simply a pleasure to be around and to continue to train with.

If local to the Greater Charlotte area we welcome families to train with us and your puppy throughout their time with us to be apart of the process and to develop the bond you share. If you are out of the area, we still welcome you, but will also travel to wherever you live and stay for 3-4 days to transfer the training over smoothly. We understand that most people aren’t dog trainers, so what comes natural to us isn’t so natural to most. The most important thing when receiving a trained dog is to know how to train it yourself! By the time your puppy goes home it will have a very solid foundation of how to behave well, but needs follow through from the owners in a fun and cohesive way. That is why we stay for an extended period of time, typically fitting in 9 training sessions. We do multiple session at your home and wherever you go around town such as a restaurant, coffee shop, park, boat, kid’s soccer games, etc…we want all family members to be comfortable with how to communicate properly to your dog in whatever environment you are in!

Training Coverage

  • Marker Training
  • Building engagement
  • Management of your pup
  • Proper socialization
  • Confidence building
  • Crate training
  • Housebreaking
  • Leash walking
  • On & off leash obedience
  • Correction command: NO
  • Pro Educator E Collar Included at 6 months of age
  • Get access to unlimited classes for one year, private KeenDog community and exclusive KeenDog boarding
  • Access to KD content for 1 year
  • *Must use all private sessions within 6 months of start date

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NAME RECOGNITION – look to you for direction when name is given

HERE – recall to handler

SIT – sit and stay where you are, automatic sits at heel position

DOWN – down and stay where you are

PLACE – anything with boundaries, go to a specific boundary (bed, crate, car, etc…, extended staying ability 30+ min)

TOUCH – two paws on object, typically a rubber feed bowl

HEEL – walk on left side, nose to knee.

LETS GO – follow along, less structured walk

WATCH – to look to handler eyes

NO/OFF – stop unwanted behaviors

OUT – drop a toy

KEEN/CLICK – terminal marker to allow dog to access food reward from handler or chase after a thrown piece. Builds drive, enthusiasm and engagement.

YES – terminal marker for toy.

GOOD – duration marker. Let’s your dog know you like what they are doing and to keep doing that behavior.

NOPE – lets your dog know that they are on the wrong track

FREE – your dog is free to be released/go away from you

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